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Thanks for stopping by,  I promise not to bore you with a long bio. My name is Andres Galindo and if you mix that together you get Drelindo. Born and raised in Galveston, TX, I been a medical professional since 2010,  I have a Bachelors  degree in Radiologic Sciences, and if this is still up when you read, I'm probably managing a radiology department somewhere in Texas.  And now that we got that out of the way, lets move on to the good stuff...

I been trying to decide what to answer when people ask "what do you do?". Well, I'm an artist, I manage a music label, I'm a videographer, photographer, I edit, content creator, websites,  etc... I guess you can call me a Multi-Media Contractor. You need any of the above, let me know!

I'm a registered Life agent in the state of Texas, so if you want to talk about life insurance, 401Ks, Roth ROIs, c'mon - lets talk. I'll tell you how I used my life insurance to pay for my roof.

I'm currently invested in a few developing businesses such as my wife's business Down To Picnic (www.downtopicnic.com). Working on getting an LLC for a handy-man service business - anything from sheetrock, flooring, paint, wood crafting, yard work, we got you. And finally Eightxotic.com , the marijuana business... We're hoping to fully launch this brand in 2024, but please, feel free to visit site. 

I guess next time people ask me 'what I do', I'll just reply with "what do you need?"

Thanks for reading, please check out some of my music before you go, and if you made it this far, might as well follow me on ALL major platforms  @DRELINDO 

Thank you, I wish you well,




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